St. Joseph’s Chapel at Yim Tin Tsai was inaugurated and blessed in 1890.  It was listed as Grade 3 Historic Building by the Hong Kong Antiquities Advisory Board in 1990 and then further upgraded to Grade 2 on 25.1.2011. Subsequently it was given the Award of Merit by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation in 2005.

Being a small island of less than 1 km square and located 3 km away from Sai Kung, Yim Tin Tsai was home of the Chan family of Hakka origin.  In the early days, residents were mostly engaged in salt drying and farming.  In 1864, the PIME priests, particularly Fr. S Volonteri and Fr. G Origo came along and started their evangelization and pasturing services amongst the locals.  In 1866, 7 villagers were baptized in autumn by Fr. G Origo, while 33 members of the Chan family were baptized in Christmas by Fr. S Volonteri .  Local Catholics donated a vacant site for construction of a chapel and school, dedicated to St. Joseph as their patron.  In 1875, the villagers on the entire island were baptized.

Rev. Josef Freinademetz of SVD (1852-1908) started his mission from 1879 to 1880.  He used to visit Yim Tin Tsai very frequently.  Rev. Freinademetz was later canonized by Pope John Paul II, in memory of his great services and achievement in missionary work in China.

Besides Yim Tin Tsai, there were also three other active religious communities in Sai Kung during the same period, namely in Tai Long Wan, Che Kang and Shum Chung.  Priests used to visit farmers and fishermen staying in remote village clusters to promote catholic faith and pastoral work.

Basic info
Address Yim Tin Tsai, Sai Kung
Telephone 27916226
Fax 27911935
Website URL
Architectual Design Roman Style Architect
Award UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation, 2005
HK Historic Building Grading Grade 2 Historic Building (2011)
Names of Chapels in Parish Subsidy to Sai Kung Sacred Heart Church
Parish Priest Rev. Raja Duggimpudi, PIME(Sai Kung Sacred Heart Church)
Assistant Parish Priest --
Sunday Mass Festive Mass round May.
Anticipatory Mass --
Weekday Mass --
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